Sunday, October 14, 2018


Indravati is a novel of character driven sci-fi that is soft on science and more akin to space opera. It's a novel full of space freighters, colonies on distant worlds, and alien encounters.

Paperback and Kindle ebook.

Too many novels today are set in dystopian futures. I have the feeling things will turn out for the better, and this is reflected in my work. I've tried to create a universe in which people can see themselves, a universe where you would want to live, filled with characters you would want to sit down and have beer with. If this appeals to you, visit my website and have a look at a sample of my work.


I made a blog

So … I made a blog. Not this one. There was on just like it a few weeks ago, but I used IFTTT to scrape content from the web and automatically post blog entries. Yeah. Don't do that. It only took a couple of days for Google to de-index the blog. It's easier to create a new one than to get a banned site back in Google's good graces.